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Arts of Embodiment

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Organic Flow Massage

Our bodies are meant to feel touch, to touch and be touched in return. Touch helps us feel alive, cared for and tended to. Touch allows us to embody parts of ourselves we rarely visit and discover the ones we never knew were there.  Touch lets us to listen to stories written deep inside our body and find answers to long dormant questions. Touch can light the mind’s way back inside the body
But the journey of the mind into the body, like any other journey, can also test us and surprise us. We might discover wondrous inner feelings and sensations and we might also encounter resistance, discomfort and sometimes even old wounds. And yet, if we can allow ourselves to accept and bring our awareness into all that the body has to share, we can find our way back into our own skin.
The organic flow massage is my way to help you move and be moved back into awareness. Balancing the right amount of pressure with the right amount of movement to allow the body to soften and relax, we aim to work on different layers of the physical, mental and emotional bodies, creating more space and ease inside.
Rooted in the Thai yoga massage tradition, this type of bodywork synchronises breath with movement, combining muscle stretching with joint opening, fascia release and acupressure, internal organs massage. With added techniques, such as rhythmic elements from Osteopathy, special pressure points from Reflexology and energy work through Reiki, we use touch to find our way into the wisdom of the body.
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