Neptune and Pisces

Pisces is not warm tropical waters But cold icy arctic seas Neptune is a frozen gas giant That feels compassion at a distance With a cold superior understanding It doesn’t come down to shake hands with you Or give you a hug It will tell you it is all Samsara And probably your Karma When […]

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Love Me Moon

The wheel of the year turns again, further and further into darkness, deeper and deeper inside. As winter gets cosy on the outside, our bodies get even cosier on the inside. What gets us through the long cold months of winter is love. And what gets us through the long dark night of the soul […]

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The Awakened Heart: An Eclipse Story

The Awakened Heart is sovereign, wise and open pain, sorrow and disappointment, at her court, all are welcome. Loving more, because they are there, she allows herself to soften into everything she feels. Letting everything in, she becomes whole, tending to her wounds, she stays open Knowing fear will come, she is unafraid, knowing love […]

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