A Full Moon in Pluto’s Heart

Intense. Restrictive. Aggressive. Dominant. Controlling. Manipulative. Addictive. Attached. Clinging. Self-Centred. Self-Sabotaging. Dysfunctional. Co-dependant. Toxic. Greedy. Sneaky. Unscrupulous. Resentful. Unyielding. Distant. Stern. Cold. This Full Moon forces us to feel all the aspects of our shadows. And other people’s shadows. Nowhere to hide, nowhere to go but in. It comes with an offering of transformation, but […]

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New Moon. Super Moon. Water Moon

New Moon Super Moon Cancer Moon Watery Moon time to honour water the water that sustains life the water within our bodies and the water all around the water that held us the water that birthed us and the water that keeps us alive the water that carried and nourished our ancestors and their ancestors […]

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A Moon with a Story

This new moon is in the sign of Gemini And Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Mercury, also known as Hermes, Loki or The Raven The Court Jester or The Coyote The Trickster or┬áThe Fool The Magician or The Hidden Twin Our very own Jekyll and Hyde. Mercury┬árules logic and reason Language and communication How we […]

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