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Arts of Embodiment

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Every month the sun tells the story of a certain archetype and every month the moon tells the opposite story, reminding us that truth is often found in paradox.

Whenever the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned we get to experience a Dark Moon or a Full Moon, the in between phases are the quarter and crescent moons, all making up the eight lunar phases or the seasons of the Moon.

At the Dark Phase, the Moon is in between the Earth and the Sun and only the side of the Moon that is facing away from us receives any light from the Sun, so we can’t see it all; the Sun and the Moon are in complete union and they both sing the same song.

At the Full Phase, the Moon and the Sun are on opposite sides of the Earth and the part of the Moon facing us is completely illuminated in the night sky; we can now see the (Wo)Man on the Moon and (s)he will be telling a different tale than the Sun


When the Sun is in Happy-Go-Lucky-Gemini part of the sky, the Moon reminds us that is not the whole story…

There is more to life than chilling out and having fun, more to our existence than living the day and looking for perpetual bliss.

In the middle of summer, wars still happen…

People still die, injustices are commonplace and the world remains an unfair place.

In the middle of summer, we are still left trying to find the meaning of it all

Now whether you believe in the stars have something to say or not, meaning is something we are all looking for, sometimes a lifetime, sometimes more than one lifetime and sometimes feeling like all of existence is one big search for meaning.

This Full Moon tells the story of Archer who aims for the sky and her/his search for the truth.


I see the archetype of Sagittarius as the Moon goddess Artemis, also known as Diana, who lived in complete union and harmony of nature, who understood the mysteries of life and death and used that understanding to pass on the wisdom of living in close connection with the earth.

We all have different answers to life’s big questions

What matters is not to give up on them, not to lose hope in the inherent intelligence of the universe, the subtle signs and messages on the way, the hidden teachers in your everyday life.

In the Eastern spiritual traditions the natural order of life was known as Dharma and leading a spiritual life meant living in accordance with these laws, not disturbing but working with the cosmic forces of the universe.

Later the teachings of great masters were known as the Dharma, but that initial meaning permeates all of their messages. Life is the ultimate teacher and we are never too young or too old to learn. It is never too late to still find the why of your existence.


On this Full Moon the Sun wants us to reach out and connect and the moon tells us to do so with the right people

People who like to talk about more than just the weather, who get you thinking about who you are and what you believe in. What you stand up for and what your stand is. What you’re made up of and what you’re made up for.

Find the people who give meaning to your existence 

and who remind you that your existence has meaning.

So this time of the year,

when it’s easy to reach out and be open,

connect with your tribe,

spend time with them

let them surprise you

and let them inspire you,

to look deeper and farther

than you ever have before,

to go where no one has gone before

and do what has never been done before.

the Chipko movement

Image:  Women protecting trees from being cut down (1970’s India)


Happy Full Moon loves and if you want to know what stories your stars are playing, you can book an astrological reading here:





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