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The wheel of the year turns again,

further and further into darkness,

deeper and deeper inside.

As winter gets cosy on the outside,

our bodies get even cosier on the inside.

What gets us through the long cold months of winter is love.

And what gets us through the long dark night of the soul is love.

The love we find for ourselves.

The love we find for others.

And the love others find for us.

So take stock of all that brings you love and joy and laughter.

Take stock of what brings you home,

into the safe embrace of your own body.

Take refuge in the senses.

In being content in the here and now.

And tend to your creature comforts.

To what makes your animal body purr…

This is the Full Moon’s message to you.

This Full Moon is ruled by Taurus.

Taurus rules the body

And especially the needs of the body.

Its desires, cravings and impulses.

The body’s instinct of self-preservation and self-perpetuation.

Taurus is the archetype of slowness,

of taking things one step at a time

and enjoying each step thoroughly.

Taurus does not like to be rushed,

or pushed, or shoved, or moved for that matter.

Wherever it goes,

Whatever it does,

Taurus takes its time.

Taurus lives through the senses

and delights in the objects of the senses.

In being up close and personal to that which it desires,

that which it craves and that which it longs for.

Taurus loves all the good things in life:

good company, good food, good wine,

and especially good love.

In whatever way, shape or form it may come.

Taurus is picky, but not fussy.

Taurus is a true believer in the Buddhist principle:

”There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way” …


Look back to what you wished for six months ago,

What was it that you wanted to bring in your life?

How much of it came to happen?

This moon reveals all the ways in which you are or are not happy.

It makes obvious how you’ve been taking care of or neglecting your body.

All the ways in which you have succeeded or failed to show up for yourself.

Whether you’ve treasured or squandered your resources, your talents, your gifts.

And what you’ve done with all the opportunities you’ve been given back in spring.

Whatever you were unwilling to face is revealed to you now in full brightness.



This Full Moon is trine Pluto and sextile Neptune, while Venus is in opposition to Uranus, so it’s as intense as they get. Depending on where this all falls in your chart you might experience it differently, with different areas of your life being triggered.

If you would like to know more about how the planets and the archetypes play in your chart and life, you can book your session here.

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