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I had to think about this moon.

It wasn’t speaking to me.

Or so i thought.

After all, what does a selfish, self-serving moon have to do with anything that’s happening in the world today?

Turns out our self-preservation instincts tell us that in order to protect the individual, we must protect the group as well.

There can be no self without the other.

No one without the many.

The warrior does not only serve himself.

Or herself.

Or any other self.

Warriors draw their purpose from their significant other. Their group. Their tribe.

There can be no one without the many.

How can I tell myself apart without you to tell the difference?

How can I be unique without so many that are alike?

I thought this moon was not significant, but it may be the most significant of them all.

No man is an island,

and every man is an island.

The truth likes paradoxes,

The middle way

everyone gets their way

Their win win.

There are many ways to the top of the mountain

Yet they all part ways at the bottom

No one ever gets to stay at the top.

We have to come down and live,

We have to come down and love,

Love always draws us down.

Down to where ideals don’t live up to what they’re meant to.

Down to where dreams have to find out what they’re made of

Down where stardust is just dust

Where being the lone wolf doesn’t quite cut it

Doesn’t quite make it

It almost does

But there’s always the other

The unforeseen

The unknown.

And this is where we find out what we’re made of

What we’re made for.

This is where dust remembers where it came from.

This is how it becomes stardust again,



I heard a very interesting question the other day: imagine you live to be 80, what would people say about your life? What would they say about you? What would your legacy be?And I would add: imagine you kept living the way you do until the end of your life, what would people remember you for?

And then imagine you changed your life, you would dare to do that thing you are oh so scared of, but you just don’t dare … What would happen if you dared? How would your life change? How would your life be? And how would people remember you then? How would the world know you lived? What would your legacy be then?

Make no mistake, this life is a gift, some times it may feel more like a curse, but, in the end, it is a gift. We are all dealt good cards and bad cards and it’s up to us how we play them. But here’s the catch: the more good cards you get, the greater your responsibility to put them to good use, to make the most of your privilege, to make the most of your life.

And if you can read this, if you have a place to sleep tonight, dinner on the table, if the thought of tomorrow doesn’t paralyse you, if you can speak your mind without fearing repression, if you can wear whatever you want, if you can make love with whom you want, if there is  someone out there who cares about you, then you are privileged.


This Full Moon is in Aries, the archetype of the warrior, the hero, the fighter. Our ability to stand up for ourselves and be counted. Where we have to go it alone and make our mark. How our individuality can actually make a difference.

If you would like to know more about how this archetype plays in your astrological chart, you can book a reading here.



2 comments on “Drawing down the moon … the warrior moon

  1. Laura Wassenaar says:

    🌕thank you for explaining the moon😘

    Liked by 1 person

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