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Gone are the long summer days and gone are the warm summer nights,
gone are the flowers and bees, and gone will soon be the leaves …
gone are our dreams that shone brightly in the strong summer sun
and gone are the hopes that kept us light on our feet …
gone are the care free days and the worry free nights
and all we are left with now is our work …
If until now we could still hold on to summer in our hearts, there is no denying autumn now, the equinox is upon us and, with it, the wheel of the year turns to the shadows again.

This time of the year brings to our attention the need to align ourselves and our lives with the larger cycles of nature, the need to flow with the rhythm of natural time.

With less light, the way we make us of our time becomes critical to our well being and the equal day and equal night is a time to notice where our lives are not in balance.

Where our giving does not match our receiving and the other way around, how much time we spend outside and how much time we spend inside ourselves.

The Virgo New Moon highlights the way life unfolds into our hours and days, the way we divide time and spend time, the way we make time and what we make of our time.

The practices and the rituals, the rhythms and the routines, the cycles and the patterns that fill our time and that, in time and with time, become our work.

We are creatures of habit and we are defined by our habits, what we give our time and attention to determines what we can grow into, how we can be of service or de-service.

Work has no glamour to it, no excitement and no glory, depending on how much the work we do matches our beliefs, it can be tedious, boring and downright depressing.

Yet our work can give us meaning in a way nothing else can and showing up for our work means showing up for ourselves in a way no one else can.

When we respect the work that we do, our work gets to be respected in return, it gets to make a point and it gets to make a difference, we get to make a difference.

Our work will show us all the different ways we can fit into the greater family of life and doing the wrong kind of work will show us all the different ways we can’t.

Yet all the unique ways we don’t fit in make us uniquely fit to do the kind of work only we can do, the kind of work that becomes our contribution to the whole.

When the summer heat is gone and the autumn chill settles in, we realise it’s not enough to have ideals, we also have to make them work, we have to make them our life’s work.


Two weeks ago the Full Moon was conjunct Neptune, this New Moon is now at the opposite end of that story, what was concealed then, is being revealed now.

All the illusions and delusions of that time have now become hard facts of reality, what we could still pretend we didn’t see then is now staring straight at us.

If you would like to know more about how this moon affects you, please feel free to contact me for a chart reading and a more in depth interpretation of your house of work and your Virgo archetype.

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