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Can you feel it in the air, underneath your skin, in your bones?

Change is slowly, but surely making its way towards you, into you, through you

Everything still looks the same, but it doesn’t seem the same, doesn’t quite feel the same

Like a shadow that you can’t see but know is right there

Subtly, subversively, sneaking up on you

Sending shivers down your spine

Breathing down your neck

Almost touching you …

But for now the sun is still shinning

You can still tell yourself you’re imagining it

It’s just your mind playing tricks on you

Winter is a long way away

Summer is still here.


Remember that uneasy feeling you had two weeks ago? That uncomfortable heaviness at the time of the eclipse? The sense that there was something you were missing? Something you were supposed to figure out? To understand?

Whatever was still hiding under the surface then is now starting to climb out of your subconscious, slowly finding its way back into your conscious mind. That unidentifiable feeling is now starting to take shape, starting to make some sort of sense.

Your thoughts are becoming more and more organised and you can see a pattern emerging. You can see where it pertains in your life and where you can locate in your body. You can start to understand what was it that triggered it in the first place.

And you can now start to see a way out. You can now see things as they are instead of how you wished them to be.  You are slowly remembering how it feels to walk on solid ground. Slowly rewriting the story of you. Slowly rediscovering ease.

As you step out of the watery waters of Neptune in Pisces you will find your footing again, you will find a sense of who you really are again and you will find a way to put it into words, to turn it into action, you will have something to look forwards to again.

But for now the sun is still shinning, the days are long and your thoughts are still light. There is no urgency to your movement and the future is still a long way away, something that you can think about later and figure out as you go.

For now you can still flow.


This Full Moon is very close to Neptune, master of illusions and delusions, our own doing and undoing, of finding our way and losing our way, if your moon is asking you: tell me more, tell me more …  please feel free to contact me for a chart reading and a more in depth interpretation of your Moon and Neptune archetypes and how all this affects you.

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