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The Awakened Heart is sovereign, wise and open
pain, sorrow and disappointment, at her court, all are welcome.

Loving more, because they are there,
she allows herself to soften into everything she feels.

Letting everything in, she becomes whole,
tending to her wounds, she stays open

Knowing fear will come, she is unafraid,
knowing love is there, she is unattached

Accepting no one can rescue her, she no longer waits for anyone,
And no longer holding on to what was, or what could be, she is free.

Her roots run deep, right into the heart of her mother,
her wings span far, as far as light itself.

Fully at home in her own temple,
She is fully herself.


I wrote this a while ago, but it never seemed more appropriate than today, it never seemed more needed than today. While the world seems to be in turmoil, we can do our part by adding our own little bit of peace to the mix.

There is much to say about the astrology of today and yet, there is much more to be found in feeling rather than in thinking, in the end, it all comes back to the teaching of the heart, the answer to every question is, without question, love.

The Moon is eclipsing the Sun in Leo, forming a firey triangle with Eris and Uranus in Aries and Saturn and Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius. And they are not dancing a pretty dance or listening to a chill tune, this is not your average summer evening.

Eris and Lilith are some of the most disruptive achetypes, while Saturn and Uranus are as heavy duty as they get in our Solar System. Eris likes to stir things up by causing discord and conflict, while Lilith takes us to the places in our history we tend to neglect to visit and generally like to forget about.

Archetypes call us from the deep when we least expect them and they bring messages from our subconscious that we may not want to hear. This particular tango wants you to take a good look at who you really are and what holds you back from being truly yourself.

Today, and in the months to come, our shadows are revealed, the shadow we cast on the world and the shadow the world casts on us. Life takes a toll on us and we take a toll on life itself, but somewhere in the middle we can find true expression of ourself, how life likes to flow through our particular story, through our particular dance.

The show must go on today and every day, and anyway, we wouldn’t have it any other way.



This eclipse story is just beginning, if you want to explore where it may lead you, please feel free to contact me.

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