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Leo rules the heart

and follows the rules of the heart.

Leo lives in the heart and from the heart

And embodies all the joyous expressions of the heart.

Leo will listen to the voice of the mind,

and give priority to the whims of the heart instead.

Leo knows how to follow the heart’s desires

and how to share whatever bounty is found on the way.

Leo moves when feeling moved and stops to smell all the roses.

Leo’s purpose is joy and joy is Leo’s path as well.

Leo’s philosophy is to live and let live,

Leo does life well.

And does love well too.

When Leo loves you

it feels like the world loves you.

Leo burns brightly

and casts a big shadow.

Leo shows up and shows off

and is not afraid to look like a fool.

Thriving on attention and feedback,

Leo want to be seen, so Leo will not hide.

Leo is not afraid to step on egos

to follow their calling.

More than anything else,

Leo does Leo.

And Leo is as Leo does,

so what you see is exactly what you get.

Leo will purr and roar and everything in between

with a whole heart,

completely transparent,

utterly disarming.

Leo is the inner wild child

that never forgot how to play

and refuses to let the world become a sombre place.

The gift of Leo is Leo and Leo will give their whole self

and will also take it back, just as quickly,

when feeling rejected.

Leo is an idealist

and idealists are not always met with an open heart

and not always met at all,

but Leo will pick up the broken pieces of shattered self

and will start again

hope again

try again.

And even as the years pass

and disappointment becomes norm rather than exception

Leo’s generous spirit will still trust the world,

and in its relentless devotion to life,

Leo’s heart stays forever young


Right now the Sun has come back home to Leo so for the next month, it will be easier to embody the qualities of this archetype. Easier to laugh, play, dance, sing, write and love. Everything that makes the heart feel young again is encouraged, everything that puts a smile on your face is encouraged, everything that makes you happy is encouraged.

Joined by the New Moon, they are both starting fresh, a new solar cycle and a new lunar cycle. Which makes it a good time for a brand new way to look at the world and a brand new way for the world to look at you, a brand new way to receive the world and a brand new way to be received by the world, a brand new beginning and a brand new you.

While the Sun stretches out and just wants to express itself, the Moon’s emphasis is on feeling. Feeling the way into the heart, and feeling the the way of the heart. Feeling all of yourself and feeling for yourself. Showing up for yourself and showing yourself off. Fully vulnerable. Full present. Fully exposed. Fully yourself. Fully awake. Fully alive.

And Mars is standing by to will help just with that, bringing in that extra bit of fire, that extra bit of passion and that extra dose of wilfulness. Just what you needed to finally put yourself out there and to wear your true colours. To express your true self and profess your true self. To listen to your heart’s desire and go after your heart’s desire.

With Mercury nearby there is nothing stopping you from sharing yourself with the world, nothing stopping you to talk about yourself, write about yourself and present yourself as you are. And while Uranus is squaring the whole conundrum you will forget about consequences just long enough to go for it, long enough to do you.

But not at someone else’s cost, not on the expense of someone else’s dreams, not in spite of your own heart. You don’t have to leave a trail of bodies to get where you’re going. Be open to make friends on the way, to make love on the way. Let yourself be fuelled and guided by the love you find on the way. Let love be the way.

New Moon blessing everyone ❤


This New Moon in Leo will be seconded by another towards the end of August. Between now and then, you have a chance to re-invent a part of yourself and you also have the momentum to get it out there. Take a chance on yourself, it won’t get much easier than this. There is never a better time than this time and this time is all we’ve got.


We all go through these cycles together and we all go through them alone, if you would like to know more about what this all means for you, please feel free to contact me. ❤

2 comments on “New Moon in Leo: Awakening the Warrior Heart of the Inner Wild Child

  1. Cat says:

    I found myself in your post. Lovely description. I guess all of us have wounds and the challenge is to breathe through them and let them heal. I finished yesterday a book and I liked very much a quote, here it is: ‘One of the most painful moments in our lives is that when you realize that you have more time behind you than in front of you’ (Fredrick Backman). I think and I fell that this all about: go after your dreams. Don’t settle. Reinvent yourself as much as it is needed. Start over. And be happy.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. teodora says:

    So touched by your comment, Cat. And yes, we all carry our wounds, in time with healing comes ease or at least some sort of relief or so we hope anyway … I love the quote, I guess life can only be bitter-sweet in the end, but dreams help, for me at least, dreams keep me sane. I hope you keep following your dreams, wherever they may take you … Wishing you happiness 🙂


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