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Intense. Restrictive. Aggressive. Dominant. Controlling. Manipulative. Addictive. Attached. Clinging. Self-Centred. Self-Sabotaging. Dysfunctional. Co-dependant. Toxic. Greedy. Sneaky. Unscrupulous. Resentful. Unyielding. Distant. Stern. Cold.

This Full Moon forces us to feel all the aspects of our shadows. And other people’s shadows. Nowhere to hide, nowhere to go but in. It comes with an offering of transformation, but in exchange it asks that we surrender that which we hold most dear.

Like the Merchant of Venice, Pluto demands its pound of flesh. Like Gollum, it demands your blood. Like the Devil, it demands your soul. Or so it will feel, for that which is asked of you will seem impossible to let go of and let go of it you must.

And, if you do, there is unimaginable freedom on the other side of the underworld of your shadow. There is incredible initiation on the other side of loss. There is unbelievable compassion on the other side of pain.

Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, in opposition to Sun and Mars in Cancer, and in squares with Uranus and Eris on one side and Jupiter in Libra on the other, this moon is part of a celestial cross that can bring everything into perspective.

All the areas of your life where you thought you were free, think again. All the relationships you though were baggage-free, think again. All the structures in your life that kept you comfortable, think again. Uranus and Eris in Aries will make sure of that.

As the mot disruptive bodies in the sky and archetypes in our psyche, they make sure no stone is left unturned, no secret left uncovered, no illusion kept intact. Uranus will plough and Eris will sow discord, and, one way or the other, the shadow will surface.

Capricorn represents the structures we hold on to. The survival strategies that become our rules and regulations. What worked in the past and we hope will work again in the future. How we can all serve the system by being part of the system.

In its shadow side, Capricorn represent Patriarchy. The Patriarch in each and every single one of us. The part of us that chooses the Masculine over the Feminine. The Self over the Whole. Power over freedom. Restriction over openness. Fear over love.

The part of us that feels entitled. Entitled to other people’s time, attention and resources. The part of us that knows better than everyone else. The part of us that wants the bigger share, the better deal. The part of us that will grab what we want when not given freely.

The part of us that feels wronged and uses that as an excuse to wrong others. The part of us that clings to what used to make us happy, not seeing that letting go is the only way that new happiness can make its way into our lives.

So beware of the destructive energies of this time, in your strife to free yourself from the restricting structures in your life, you might also destroy that which nourishes and supports you, that which hold you and has your back.

Looking from the other side of the story, The Sun and Mars want in Cancer want to place us as the victim and want us to act out on it, find the culprit and put the blame on them. Yet the Moon wants to remind us that we can either own our shadow or be owned by it.

And all the while, Jupiter in Libra wants to keep it all in balance, with each taking responsibility for our projections, for our lack of communication, for our distrust and our resistance, Jupiter in Libra wants to remind us that we are all in this together.

The only way out is in, through and beyond, but we don’t have to do it alone. We can, but we don’t have to. And even when there’s no way in sight, there is always another way. We can choose, but we don’t have to. We can each have our way and win.

We can choose the way of the heart. After all, even Pluto has a heart ❤


This Full Moon will unfold throughout the weekend. And the weeks to come. What is revealed now will be processed for at least six months. Take notes of what triggers you and how you trigger others. Take notes on how you’d like things to be different and what you’d like to do differently. Look for the resistance and it will take you home. ❤


We all go through these cycles together and we each go through them alone, if you would like to know more about what this all means to you, please feel free to contact me. ❤

4 comments on “A Full Moon in Pluto’s Heart

  1. amiethekitten says:



  2. Laura Wassenaar says:

    Ooooh your posts always make me go “aha!!” ❤️🌕 Thanks for sharing your wisdom my dear 😘


    1. teodora says:

      So happy to know that, Laura! ❤ ❤ ❤


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