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Midsummer and Litha. Summer Solstice and the beginning of Summer

Sun in Cancer and the beginning Cancer Season.

Can you feel life slowing down?

Can you sense the stillness in the atmosphere?

With all this light, do you find yourself suddenly in the spotlight?

In this motionless picture, does it seem like your feelings are oh so real?

As the sun’s light peaks in intensity, so does our outward activity, but from now on, life will unfold a little more easily, a little more lazily, a little more sweetly.

And as the Sun moves from Gemini to Cancer, our focus shifts from seeking connection outside ourselves to finding the connection within ourselves.

Cancer reminds our to go back to our roots, to make our annual pilgrimage to the wells and waters and shores that birth us, that carry us and that and feed us.

Cancer knows that if we run on empty we won’t run for very long.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so it works on feelings, hunches and intuition. Cancer will almost always seem to take the counter intuitive way.

Cancer rules the home, our outward home and the way we can make the world our home, but also our inward home and the way we can feel at home inside ourselves.

Cancer needs to feel at home wherever it is and will make a home wherever it is.

Cancer teaches that the way we inhabit our external home holds the clue to the way we embody our internal home.

Cancer season signals the time to bring the mind back home from it’s many adventures and bring the lessons back home into the body.

Cancer season gives the mind a chance to rest and the body a chance to catch up with the mind, it gives us a chance to feel what we haven’t been feeling.

Soon we will be able to make sense of our feelings, but for now just feel what you need to feel and let the mind float back home in these still, warm, welcoming waters.


For those of you born under a Cancer Sun this is your personal annual reset and for those of you born with Cancer rising, this is the beginning of a new year long cycle

If you would like to know more about what it means for you, please feel free to use the contact info below or the form in the contact page.

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