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Today’s full moon goes by many names, Rose Moon, Strawberry Moon, Sturgeon Moon, Planting Moon, Green Corn Moon, Buddha Moon … For Buddhists it closes a month of accumulating merit and celebrating Buddha’s life, death and enlightenment. For most of us, this moon highlights the results of about two years of work or lack of work with Saturn in Sagittarius. Two years of work with what we hold to be true, what we believe in, what makes life worth living and how we ground all of it into reality.

Sagittarius is the archer who aims for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The ultimate truth. No matter what. No matter whom. No matter how difficult it is. And no matter how long it takes. Sagittarius will not compromise and will not accept half truths. Sagittarius will take no nonsense and will not take no for an answer. Sagittarius’s arrow is the truth and his mark is freedom. Sagittarius will walk the way all the way.

Saturn takes no prisoners and for almost two years it has challenged every belief we held dear, every truth we clung on to, everything we put our faith into. Saturn doesn’t leave this area of our lives yet, but most of the work is done and this full moon will show us whether we’ve done our homework or not, whether we’ve found our way of dealing with reality or not, whether our way of seeing the world will pass the test of time or not.

The Moon represents our emotional body, how our body receives the world, how our body reacts and responds to life. And even if we’ve been ignoring our feelings, a full moon will ensure we feel it all and this one will also make sure that we share them, that we express them, that we talk about them. Today’s full moon wants us to tell the world what we believe in, to stand up for our truth, to stand up for truth, to stand up in truth.

We can make use of Saturn’s wisdom by taping into the Moon’s own wisdom and when Saturn and the Moon join together as teachers the lesson is embodiment. The lesson is to use the body to feel what holds true against the test of time and what doesn’t, what keeps our truth grounded into reality and what doesn’t. The lesson is to anchor our belief system into our body so that wherever our beliefs take us we will take our body with us.

For many years, Buddha tried many techniques to transcend the body and got no closer to Nirvana, only when he embraced the needs and the wisdom of the body did he find freedom. Buddha got enlightened in a body and held on to it for a long time afterwards because he knew that if we are to do any work in this life, if we are to make any difference, if we are to find any freedom, it can only happen in this body.

As Jupiter, the planet of expanding space, faith and optimism starts to move forwards again, so will our newly found truth, meaning and purpose. As we venture further into sharing our truth and living our truth we will find more like minded others, who are also ready to walk a truer path and to lead a more authentic life. And as we embody more and more of what really matters we will find our lives matter more and more.

So we may not have closure yet, but we can start to make our way towards it, we can make our peace with it. And this is needed for the real work lies ahead, when Saturn moves into Capricorn and we will be asked to pick up our tools and actually build the world that we believe in. But for now, all this is but a dream and we are asked to take a moment and feel how far we’ve come, the mind has been hard at work, it could use some rest now. After all, even the Buddha rested after he found enlightenment 🙂


If you would like to know more about how these archetypes play in your chart and life you can make an appointment using the contact info below or the contact page


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