A Moon with a Story

This new moon is in the sign of Gemini

And Gemini is ruled by Mercury.

Mercury, also known as Hermes,

Loki or The Raven

The Court Jester or The Coyote

The Trickster or The Fool

The Magician or The Hidden Twin

Our very own Jekyll and Hyde.

Mercury rules logic and reason

Language and communication

How we think and what we think about

How we listen and what we listen to

How we talk and what we talk about

Silence and the ability to receive the message

Listening and the ability to receive the messenger

Our mental patterns and self-fulfilling prophecies

Our thought and their power to create heaven or hell

Our words and their power to bless or to curse.

Mercury tells the story we tell ourselves

The Story that becomes our lives.

Tonight we get a chance to tell ourselves a different story

We get the chance to re-write our story.

The new moon is a good time to get into the space of no mind

A good time to free the mind of mental constructs

A good time to see the patterns of our minds

And break free from the prison of our thoughts.

There is much clarity to be gained in letting the mind just be

Letting ourselves just be and letting everything else just be.

This moment is ripe with possibilities

Seize them.


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